Breeding philosophy

Sietse van Dellen speaking:

The election of the 2006 Breeder of the year, is for me a crown on my breeding program. Although opinions about my breeder vision has been divided, this elections shows that I have found the right way to breed a with a lot of blood.

What I mean by a horse whit a lot of blood? The aim of my breeding is to create an athlete, a horse with a good way of moving along with the proper character and good attitude in order to perform at top level. Using the right mare is extremely important because the largest share of genetic inheritance is in the power of the maternal line.

The art of breeding is using a stallion that can anchor the good qualities of the mare and can improve the weaknesses. The national and international successes achieved by my breeding, shows that quality of my breeding philosophy.

Following are some statements which I have lately expressed in several interviews. I think they help clarify my vision and my opinion in the breeding of horses. Also this year I hope that I can be of service to advise and assist where needed in the area of breeding.


Some quotes from Sietse van Dellen, Breeder of the Year 2006 which express his breeding philosophy:

-It all starts with a good mare.

-A good breeder thinks creatively and in generations.

-The art of breeding is anchor the good qualities of the mare and improve the weaknesses

-We must try to breed an athlete with a body that is able to perform.

-The jumping competions are not directly becoming higher, but are becoming more technical. To win these courses you need to have an athlete.

-In a horse I want to see good movements and the quality to perform. The nice picture is for me less important.

-You need to leave a horse in his dignity and give him a natural development.

The inheritance-power lies in the maternal line, we must never forget that that provides genetically the largest share.

-No horse is perfect. We have to make concessions and should not forget the essentials like athleticism and jumping ability.

-You must use stallions that can add something to the sport. That’s a gallop with a lot of power, a high jumping ability and a good character. De horses must be combative and wants to jump to the other side, these are qualities that you should cherish.

-When a stallion appears to pass less model to his descendants, but invariably pass along his jumping abilities, he is invaluable to the jumping horse breeding.

-I never let young horses been radiographically checked, because I don’t want to throw the child out with the bathwater.

-Each mare-line also has its weaknesses .By applying intensive line breeding you confirm those weaknesses.

- Regarding the Dutch dressage breeding, I think that particularly the back and loins are a major point of attention.

- The moment you think you have all the answers, your horse breeding days are over.