Loma stam

The Loma tribe and Sietse van Dellen belong together .
Its success was born with the first mare of Sietse in 1969. This Eloma (Wagner from Wiloma (father Radboud)) would be of great importance to the Breeder of the Year 2006.

Eloma did have a few limitations, e.g. a short neck, but she also has essential qualities, such as a proper foundation and a good way of moving, with tact and elasticity. And perhaps most importantly, she had an extremely work willing character. That quality is nowadays still a feature of the Loma tribe. That breeding is not a coincidence is proved by the descendants of Eloma which is built with the utmost care.

Through the vision and passion from Sietse for breeding the Loma tribe has developed into one of the best Dutch sport mare tribes. From this mare tribe were also several by KWPN approved stallions such as Furore (photo), Whistler, Tenerife and Hattrick bred.

Sjaloma (keur. pref. prest. v. Lucky boy), is not only the mother of the stallion Furore, but also the mother of the international show jumper Jaguar (USA).
The stallion Gurioso is the father of Wiloma (ster. pref. prest.), the mother of a lot of international showjumpers that include Zippo, Henderson, Kingston.

The combination Sjaloma - L. Ronald brought the mare Bijloma which in her turn is the mother of the international showjumpers Jupiter, Hattrick and Vink's Amal. Hattrick was also approved by the KWPN. A full brother of Sjaloma - U.S. Neopoletan was a successful international jumper. Approved stallions like Omen v. Carthago (Zangersheide) and Osto M v. Narcos II (SBS) are also from this tribe.

From the combination Eloma – Farn, the famous mare Oloma (pref. prest.) was born. She is the mother of the full sisters Doloma, (keur, prest) (Z spr.) and Toloma (sport. keur. pref. prest.) (Z2 dress.) Both horses were two times UTV champions. Other famous horses of this tribe includes: Tinello Rodenburg's Nevada (Albert Voorn), Exclusief (VSN champion), Kentucky (Ger), and Caloma Z (mother of the stallion Quasimodo Z). Liberato I Z, Liberato II Z, Quasimodo Z, Al Dente (Westf), Rodrigo (NRPS) and Tenerife (KWPN) are approved stallions which descended from the progeny of Eloma with Farn.

Out of the Uloma tribe (keur. Pref. pres.) (Pastrocio xx X Eloma), the international show jumper Stealth Sprenger of Rich Feller (USA) was born. Uloma is also the mother of several Z and ZZ jumping and dressage horses.

Through matriarch Eloma a lot of mares with the predicate prestation are now active in breeding. Besides a very high performance level, also exterior and movement are carefully anchored. Therefore there are also several excellent dressage horses from the tribe known. The great show successes of the Eloma Hoeve are nationally known.