Atybalia and Chataloma passed for there IBOP test

During the IBOP in Tolbert two horses from the Eloma Hoeve were presented by Marian Lunsche.

- The 6 year old mare Atybalia (Quasimodo Z x Karandasj) received a total of 75 points for jumping including an 8 on his reflexes and an 8 for his attitude.
During the studbook intake she got 75 points on her exterior and became declared STAR.

- Chataloma (Cassini II x Hinault) also had a good IBOP test and received 75.5 points of the jury. Including an 8 for the reflexes and a 8 for his workability.
During the studbook intake she got 70 points on her exterior, and was therefore declared STAR. (on condition that the results of the PROK Inspection are good)

(photo Chatoloma)