Tygo advertises with Marian Lunsche

Assen - With the new year in sight breeders start to think what stallion they want to use for their mares next year. All breeders who were present on November 30 in the Sunrise Stables in Assen will underline the name of stallion Tygo and perhaps already looked up the telephone number of the Eloma Hoeve in Opende, because Tygo won the Z/ZZ and thereby advertising himselve. The stallion rode by Marian Lunsche put in the jump off by far the fastest time and therefore beating Mareille van Geel-Schroder with Eurocommerce Nevada who also rode an excellent base course and faultless jump-off, but her time could be improved with four counts by Lunsche. The third place was for Niels Mulder, who had one fault in het jump-off. "It's great that I can ride this horse," said Lunsche. "The course went smoothly, but this is of course a very experienced horse and and it makes riding easier. In the course he's somewhat hot, but that's also its quality. Outside of the competition it's a lovely, sweet and easy stallion. "